NEC Bike Show

It is well documented that I am not one of the world’s most Rufty Tufty Bikers and am allergic to cold. It was raining and cold on the Sunday we decided to go to the Bike show at the NEC, so we took the van for the two and a half hour journey from Norfolk to Sunny Birmingham. The van has a lovely heater in it and we can stare out of the window at the rain as we eat our travel hamper on the way, also our smokes don’t out. Bonus.

We arrive at the NEC and it’s packed with the great unwashed from all 4 corners of the UK. My Son had a show guide and the plan was to wander about in a planned and orderly manner so that we didn’t miss anything, but I just went all kid in a sweet shop as soon as we got in the place and started running about like a swatted fly pointing excitedly at all the shiny things I liked and running towards them shouting “I want one of those, and one of those”.

So the ordered walk about went out the window, but I think we did manage to see everything, including the lunchtime entertainment which was loonies on bikes jumping a mile in the air whilst performing acrobatics and other stunts. Absolutely bonkers, but extremely entertaining. Gave me an appetite for lunch and a pint or two. We then carried on wandering. I was particularly drawn to the travel stands and had great chats with the people manning the stands. I can’t wait until we are able to take biking holidays abroad again. All the Asian guided bike tours seemed very reasonable and affordable, Africa, however, must be a hip destination at the moment as the costs are astronomical. Shan’t be going there until we have a lottery win.

We have noticed that the traffic on UK roads has become quite mental over the last few years so whilst at the show I purchased not one but two dash cams for the combo and the Jawa. All I have to do once they are fitted is learn how to work them! I am a complete technophobe so will need help with these. Years ago you just switched things on and then just switched them off again with a big Fisher Price Toy button. Can’t do that nowadays, everything has to be programmed in by a bloke in a white coat. I was so excited at the show that I forgot to use my camera. Luckily Ben had his phone with him and took a few pics of some of the stuff I was pointing at which I hope you’ll like to gawp at.

I liked the VALE SPEED outfit that looked like it was going fast even when standing still.

Lots of rows of shiny ols stuff. A funny ole fat bloke on a Velocette.

I loved the look of the REYNOLDS RUNABOUT from 1921, it looked like someone had put wheels on a Bar-B-Q from B & Q! 

Two weird fat blokes on 1914 WD combo. WITH A GUN!!! I could do with that at rush hour in Kings Lynn.

The new NORTONS which are just sex on wheels. I wanted to take them both home. Steve and Ben. Kings Lynn.