MZ Riders Rally Let it Snow

Let it snow, Let it snow, let it snow!

It’s now the third Saturday in the month of January and the day rider heads north to the “Snow Kingdom of Nidderdale” Nidderdale – Official Guide for Nidderdale in Yorkshire Seems the MZ Riders Rallying Cry Song for snow seems to be working! Dean Martin – Let it Snow {HD} – YouTube

Snow in Nidderdale.

Henry Ford said you can have any COLOUR as long as it is painted BLACK.

MZ Bushcraft Centre with its own Black Sheep! Black Sheep Brewery: The Story So Far… on Vimeo

Another Black Beauty.

Under the “Soviet 5 Year Plan” started off as a Yellow Submarine The Beatles – Yellow Submarine – YouTube

Sometimes we all need a rock to lean upon.

Now found a E-Bike to join him on rock! Haibike | We are ePerformance.

Our man from Bingley could only get a cough & backfire from the engine.

Now kneeling down is it a curse or act of pray?

Yes a miracle CURE called a NEW SPARK PLUG.

The cafe now comes with a new extension over the gorge.

Also a glass floor to view the gorge.

A for Adventure. Via Ferrata Dolomites

Bye for now from Gouthwaite Reservoir.