MZ Batemans Camp

My ride to the MZ camp was via “on your marques”


Batman’s sidecars


Nice detailed model.

From the “Spy who loved me”


Made it to Batemans Brewery and the MZ camping weekend.

After pitching my tent in double quick time, I found Michael of Alfreton warming himself in the Bar.

Yes it was Halloween Fest Beer, Gin and Rum weekend.

After a warm up we took a stroll thought the village see

Michael had to leave and we was left with the Poacher Morris.

Now I know where all those beer bottle tops go that I open with my spoon.

On an offer at £2.10 they also had Salem Porter which was lovely. I may have drunk one or two.

Time for everyone to have a go at Morris Dancing.

Packing up time on the Sunday.

Now that is what I call a proper top box.

Tony’s next event is the Hidden Valley Rally.

Here we are today, with modern sidecars a real pain to get in and out of and manufacturers making all kinds of lift up fronts and yet all those years ago it was simply solved.

Many thanks to Comrade Charles and the MZ’ers for letting me join them for the weekend.