My end of October aviation ride

On last Saturday in the month of October the “Met Office” forecast for this weekend to expect a very cold VIKING BLAST coming down from the Norwegian Sea! So extra layers for my ride to the East Coast along the A17

Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum

Then onto the A153 and the

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight | Royal Air Force

Still riding east now on the A155

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre: The only place in the UK where …  in Spilsby l take the “Mystery Road” along this deserted B1195 to Wainfleet St Mary and the ex- RAF Wainfleet

bombing range located on the shores of the North Sea!

RAF Wainfleet control tower for sale – BBC News

The B1195 is traffic free, however a haze lingers over the lanes with smell of 2 stroke oil just like when l travelled

in the former DDR (East Germany) and then l finely arrive at CHECK POINT CHARLES.

Caravanning & Camping

After a very windy,chilly ride its great to find shelter at the brewery.

My place of shelter from the Viking Blast!

After a filling jacket potato & a few coffee’s l take a stroll with Martyn of Ely into Wainfleet.

l notice this “Hole in the wall fuel pumps” you also you get a attendant to serve you the fuel, which l have not witness for many years in the UK!

Its time for the Day Rider to head west again with the weather getting GRIMMER by the minute!

About Us

Two MZ  riders had stop by to make a purchase.

10,11. Local Spilsby lad that became a  Arctic Explorer.

Sir John Franklin | Royal Museums Greenwich | UNESCO World …

Bye for now from the

Spilsby Bikers