Motorcycle Live at the NEC 2017

The Watsonian Stand at this years NEC

Motorcycle Live at the NEC pics and report by Sid


3 years ago was the last time I attended the bike show at the NEC, not much changed in the way it was laid out but a few new interesting models and some completely, well what can I say other than, why!

This outfit was for sale on the Watsonian Stand.

Still for sale

I guess it would appeal to an Outfit Riding, Surfboarding, Mountain biker, must be one in the country somewhere.

Matt finish is very popular at the moment.

This lot of pictures clearly show manufacturers promoting their 3 wheeled bikes to the car driver.See end of this report for more details, be aware of recent law and license changes.

Read the small print (what is known as the law) first

The 2018 Concept 125 Monkey Bike.

Honda’s MSX125, a monkey bike on steroids.

The CBR300R. All new, except for the engine which comes from the CBR300R. It is light at only a smidgen over 140kgs, it ticks all the boxes but for one, the fuel tank only holds 10lts, that is simply to small Mr Honda. Make the tank an inch bigger all round, it wouldn’t spoil the looks and would give the tank another 4lts if not more.

Should be available in the UK end of February beginning of March.Cost TBA but will be priced between the CB125R and CB500F so the man on the Honda stand said.

It is back, the Honda Cub Concept. The Super Cub.‘The Super Cub 125C inherited and evolved the attractive design and functionality as a personal commuter from the first-generationSuper Cub (C100). This new 125 cc model features the latest equipment such as a smart key and electric seat opener, says Mr Honda.

I can see Steve from Kings Lynn with some of this stuff on his exhausts.

The Mash outfit, as you can see on the wrong side, but gauging interest to see if viable to produce a left-hand model.

Grease nipple is handy, so would be some paint!

Sidecar Brake as standard, a little mismatched between the disc and calliper.

Mash bikes are clearly built to a cost, and it is reflected in the components and finish in some cases.

Interview time on the Watsonian Stand.

The subframe.

Hope they don’t ride too far without checking all the nuts are tight!

Superb workmanship, lots of gorgeous parts, but sorry, overall it looks ugly.

Very fancy brakes.

Just look at the brake reservoir and master cylinder, gorgeous.

Hope the rad is made of Titanium, as the first road you ride down that has just be resurfaced will pebble dash the rad.

Just the rear wheel alone on the new Brough will cost you an arm and a leg, then they stick these on the outside.

I do like this Indian.

But as for this one. I know people who couldn’t see over the dash, let alone through the screen.

This Guzzi won the competition for the biggest top box and tallest screen. 5 miles down the road on a winters day in the UK and you wouldn’t be able to see a thing though the screen.

A great mix of good looking bikes 300cc, 440,cc 500cc, then I realised they were Italian.

Some really interesting interviews, Jamie is pretty good at interviewing, basically because he has been there and done it.

Own a KTM, you will need to buy the following.

Ducati had a separate stand just for the Scrambler.

Plus another for the rest of their bikes.

The FJ owners stand.

John and Liz on the BMW Club Stand

This little scooter was cold and needed warming up, but then it is no ordinary scooter.

Look everybody this is easy.

Oh, dear.

This bike was ridden by Guy Martin at “Dirt Quake” held at Kings Lynn speedway track, I don’t think I would like to try drifting this beast around an oval track, although if you was in front, the others would have a job to pass you.

I spotted this on the Krazy Horse stand.

Just a shame about the price.

It’s big, the K1600

and it comes in a bagger version.

The G310 and GS310 another pair of bikes that need bigger fuel tanks. 11 lts on a GS isn’t enough.

Watsonain Motorcycle with Watsonian Sidecar, and you could sit on it.

Panniers the size of a lunch box

What’s this fad with big knobblies?

The Ariel Motorcycle. They need to stick with cars,

at least it has a good engine.

Even with conventional folks, it doesn’t improve in the looks department.

Ural body, Watsonian Chassis bolted on a Enfield.

Not sure about that the covered wheel on the sidecar, possibly better without it.

The chassis and suspension look very good and a vast improvement in handling. A wider version with a hood and a boot, one can only hope.

The NIKEN. It’s powered by a Euro 4 compliant liquid cooled 847cc inline triple engine producing 113.5bhp at 10,000rpm and maximum torque at around 8,500rpm. With the forks on the outside, crucially, in the UK at least, the distance between the front wheels is 410mm so it’s a bike and not something you can hop onto with a car licence like the Piaggio MP3. Just imagine, a car licence holder who has never ridden a motorcycle getting on one of these.

So what is the rules regarding; when is a three wheel motorcycle not a motorcycle but a trike. It is all to do with the track width / space between the wheels. If it exceeds 460mm then in becomes a motor tricycle and can be ridden on a car licence. Then that is really confusing and depends on when you passed your test. Take a look here and I recommend you do. If you passed your car test after the 19th January 2013 you apparently can’t ride a tricycle on a car licence regardless of it’s wheel spacing.

Here is a link with an answer from the police

And finally, with the aging motorcyclists population who, due to their failing eye sight have great difficulty in reading the small speedos and digital speedos they have introduced the new supersize clear easy to read conventional speedo, just like the ones they fitted on bikes 50, 60 or so years ago, now that is progress!!!