Mods and Rockers Classic Scooter and Motorbike Meet Kings Lynn

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The extremely popular event Mods and Rockers Classic Scooter and Motorbike Meet returns to King’s Lynn on Sunday 6 August

Here we go then.   More pretty bikes and scooters and ugly people for you to gawp at.

August 6th for a brief moment like butterflies, all sorts of bikes, trikes and them ole scooter things, role into the Tuesday Market place Kings Lynn for a few hours of Bikes Bands and beer, before most of them head off to the seaside for a bag of chips and a nice ride home.

This year was especially good as a gorgeous new model Jawa was in the line-up of bikes   gleaming in the sunshine and appeared to have brought its own cat litter with it. What a wonderful machine this is. Classic Jawa lines and pretty as a picture. Ok, Its mine, I’m biased!!

I didn’t have far to go to get to this event. We have a house in the town which is just 5 minutes from the market place. Caught up with a few old friends whilst wandering about.

Enjoyed a lovely couple of pints at the new Bar in The Dukes Head. Stuffed my fat face with some wonderfully made local produce from the stall holders and enjoyed people and bike watching in unbroken sunshine.

Only two combos at the show. I’ll have to take the outfit next year, just to make the numbers up. Walk home and get the drop dead gorgeous Jawa and ride that to the show as well.

As with past Mods and Rockers shows, this one was starting to come to a close by 2.30 in the afternoon as people head off home and to the coast. Enjoy the pictures.


Steve. Kings Lynn.

Sartorial elegance on a Scooter. A lot of the Mods made an effort.

Look at this little oldie but goody. I’ve never seen one before. Looks like an early cub??

It is a Manurhin Hobby but by the looks of if it is possibly fitted with a Cub like engine or similar.  Little Sid


Janis Joplin turned up on her Trike.

Lovely Brace of Enfields. Real ones, all old and that

A scooter with its own garage on the back.

A very honest looking 1200 Harley. I liked this bike. It looked used but loved.

Bet you’ve never seen anything like this. There’s a scooter spannered on here somewhere.   The workmanship on this was first class. It looked like something Austin or Morris would have knocked out in the 50,s or 60,s as a micro car.

Having looked on the DVLA data base it is registered as a Lexmoto DFE125L so I guess that is / or some of what is underneath the body work.  Little Sid

What on earth is this huge thing?   Answers on a postcard please.

According to the DVLA it is registered as a CCD  Rocket 8.  Little Sid

Honda cubs in cut down form and ridden by young riders seem to be at every event now.

The pink Lady, who loved having her picture taken.

A very tidy Leader. Love the bathroom suite colour.

Paint Jobs R us.

Unruly children were taken to the naughty step and forced to count how many scooters were attached to this pile of mirrors!!