Milton Keynes Motorbike Show

Just attended the brilliant Milton Keynes Motorbike show held at the MK Stadium on one of the hottest days of the year.   The major manufacturers like KTM, Husqurvana, Indian, Enfield and a lot of the new Chinese cheapy suppliers were there alongside various stands selling everything a motorcyclist could possibly need.   One of the stall holders selling tyres and an assortment of goodies caught my eye.   He had schlepped over from Hemel Hempstead with his stool and all the stock in his works van.   Just clock the “works Van”.

Brilliant, that’s what combos were made for isn’t it?   He said no cars pull out in front of him as he bowls along as drivers can see that the substantial sidecar looks like the SS Uganda in full steam floating at you with a Bow that would cut through your Morris Marina like a hot knife through butter!!

Apparently this works van also carts his drag bike to events. The chassis is Watsonian .

Steve. Kings Lynn.


A serious touring twist and go.

Test rides were available all day and these things were really  noise free.   Electric peds  stand.

Well, Sir, the range of the battery will depend on a number of factors!!!!