Made in Yorkshire River Nidd

Once l get near to Pateley Bridge l hit a TRAFFIC JAM outside the

Please form a queue for sweets !

Paul Hollywood Pies & Puds – Oldest Sweet Shop – Liquorice …

Now at the campsite.

The benefits of riding an outfit you can always bring the “kitchen Sink” with you camping.

It’s only a HUMBLE 250cc MZ & box sidecar but it can HAUL FIREWOOD!

Its only 08.00 am Saturday morning with ICE CRYSTALS now formed on my tent and a HALF MOON visible.

I do like this MZ with its 21-inch front wheel & single seat.

Now finish having our breakfast on the Saturday morning in the cafe and Robin of South Wales is getting ready to leave (Robin came on Thursday) for South Wales. Presentation by Tony & Joe  of the MZ Riders Yorks Section.

Seems Robin can now return at a later date to Yorkshire!

With the SUN SHINNING in Yorkshire it’s time to wander over yonder hills past Middlesmoor

Two “Yonder Men” Paul & Harry with me on this 10 mile hike.

Toby Keith – Don’t Let the Old Man In – YouTube

Lots of Yorkshire Water!

The meeting of GREAT MINDS! On the lane to Lofthouse.

Kawasaki 800cc and Swallow sidecar

Now back at the campsite and l notice a later arrival and ONCE UPON a time a true LEGEND MADE IN YORKSHIRE!

Sunday morning and a half frozen Royal Enfield waiting for the early morning warmth to work its magic!

      Bye for now from the River Nidd.