Live at the NEC

Motorcycle Live at the NEC

When you are one of the first through the door only one other visitor on the Honda stand.

The Watsonian Stand.

Complete with caravan for the motorcycle rider of today.

Don’t they know it’s a motorcycle show.  for how much one of these cost you would have thought they could have sorted out them throttle cables!

CCM stand 600cc single  The Spitfire

Not a bad looking bike, in fact I quite like it.

The BMW stand seem to be full of R Nine T’s,S0145/SE_TEXT

They come in loads of options (at a price) click on the link above and build your own, then take out a mortgage.

Are we expecting snow!

Yamaha goes all KTM with orange wheels.

The original Katana

The new Katana.

The new Tenere 700 from Yamaha

With all the bits and bobs added.

UM Motorcycles !

The new Honda Monkey Bike and the New Honda Cub

Both very nice, both fitted with too smaller tanks and both to much money.

The latest Goldwing engine.

Really, now that is not going to be cheap when it packs up.

The new Z400, looks as if the riders seat has a bit more padding than the 300 it replaces.

The Herald 400, they have moved on in leaps and bounds this is a little cracker.

Classic 400

Easy Rider springs to mind.

Here are some of the classics

Not pretty, but functional I guess.


Sad Case of the Triumph Bandit/BSA Fury 350: What Might Have Been

I was sent a picture earlier in the year of this “Four Beam” by Michael. I think it was parked on grass.

Well as they say, you don’t ever have to change the oil, just simply keep it topped up.

I was on a search for a new Jacket.

In the end I opted for a Rukka

Even gave a me more discount on the show discounted price, as they say, if you don’t ask you don’t get. (still wasn’t cheap though)

It may go, but stopping could be a issue. (see picture below, yes it is the only brake and I have seen better on push bikes)

Every year they produce a better lock for Sticky John.

Need a bigger top box, fit a small back wheel.

It’s a motorcycle show, yes it is a hairdressers on the Harley stand.

I said to representative when I was asked “what do I think”, “I guess they will iron out all the issues with this prototype and make it rideable on the production model ” . The reply, “sir it is the finished bike and it’s for sale”. All I can say is you will need forty acres to turn that thing around.

Back to the Watsonian Stand

Nicely matched, really goes well with the new Royal Enfield. The new off road chair will suit several of the smaller cc bikes that are appearing on the market at the moment.

A usefully type of fitting for tight spaces, but be very carefully when tightening up on a modern frame, don’t over do it as it can crush the frame tube.


Real chair men.