Leek and Flash

Paul, Martyn and Michael walked into Leek from the Vincent Camping weekend and found “The Roebuck” built in 1626 a cracking Titanic Brewery pub. 13 cask ale pumps occupy the bar which, rumour has it, is the most in the Moorlands.

Impressive memorial.

Food is served daily including breakfast from 11am and is home to the Totally Locally Leek Burger, a dish that is created from local ingredients only, all sourced within a 100 yard radius! All the food is good value and very good as are the beers. The “Kegs Below Deck” bar was launched in June 2018 boasting an additional 5 Craft Ale pumps.

Martyn purchased some Flash Beer Flash Brewery operates at a secluded location close to Flash, the highest village in Great Britain. The inhabitants live in the mists of time, with no running mains water or drainage, not much electricity, mobile phone signals that are at best patchy and at worst non-existent, but plenty of rain, mist, fog, and snow. The water comes from springs which bubble up from deep in the earth directly supplying the farm and animals. Wild animals, real, mythical, and imaginary, prowl in the night. You disrespect it at your peril – it is “the dark worlds”

Back on site Michael was impressed with this tent. It is as tuff as old boots, Harvey the owner said it was a heavy tent for its size. But being all canvas with an A frame you can see why. Michael thinks it will make a good winter tent.

Steady as you go in the damp conditions
Two Comets
Michael’s type of bike.