June Wanderings

Its time to SPEND MONEY on a new “Tonneau Cover” for my Mystic/Ural outfit plus a ride out to the F2 Motorcycles emporium near Wisbech, Fenland also Steve of Sawley accompanied me on this sunny ride. Steve even spent money on screen extender MADE IN POLAND for his new Yamaha Niken. Which he seems very pleased with.

Inside the F2 Eastern Emporium.

New Ural outfit.

A Jawa with CLIP-ON-BARS.

Jawa 350 (four stroke version) & Velorex sidecar. SIDECAR INDEX – Simply Sidecars

A vintage Ural in the workshop for a sport of fine tuning. However after this ride the Mystic/Ural had a WIRING LOOM meltdown moment which needed a new wiring loom from Germany so now riding my Mystic Solo which also needed a MOT and a new rear tyre. So finally after all this SPANNERING things came together for my planned “Summer Solstice” ride to Devon.

Packing the Mystic solo for CAMPING caused me a few moments to become a HEAD SCRATCHER on where to fit that certain “items” l need for the weekend! (Much easier to pack with a sidecar) On the road Friday morning at 05.00am for a brisk ride to Forest Glade arriving at 0915am for the CulmVale Sidecar Club’s Camping weekend. Soon settled myself down to rally field life and next option was to become a sidecar passenger in Martyn’s sidecar. Local airfields are on the agenda to-day at

D. Day.

Chatting to a volunteer at the heritage centre who once lived in Cotgreave ,Nottinghamshire the  (Band of Brothers) who was base at Wollaton Park, Nottingham and flew down from RAF Ballderton, Newark on Trent to RAF Upottery for the start of D-Day.

Seems if you was Douglas C-47A Dakota aircrew you received special help with regards laundry & ironing! Our next airfield was Dunkeswell which was home to my late IMTC friend Pete May…/second-world-war-airfields/

Please bring back the Seabees to fill in the DIRE POTHOLES in Devon!! Now back at the Sidecar Village of Forest Glade and a perfect SKY to view the and local gliding club riding the thermals of Blackdown Hills.

Dunkerswell Airfield

Flying boats and submarine hunters.

l was really starting to relax and then came the call for the walk to the PUB! The pub TRACK was about 2.5 miles downhill to the village of Broadhembury.

The Track Leaders Paul & Martyn at the FORD crossing.

Our abode for next few hours!

Time for a little reflection before our UPHILL TRACK back to Forest Glade. The “Sidecar Tracking Team” returns again for the Saturday lunch and the excellent food served. Seems we are having a “The Grand Old Duke Of York” moment! Bye for now from the Sidecar Trackers.