Jawa Rally Pewsey

Had a lovely ride down from Norfolk to Pewsey in Wiltshire on Friday 7th of April.   The Sun shone all the way, my ear plugs worked, so as far as I was concerned the combo was running a treat.

The weather stayed lovely for the whole weekend. Lots of sitting about and storytelling in the sunshine with little trips to the pub in-between.

Charles Hancock from the MZ club was there on his very tidy little outfit, but unfortunately had to leave on Saturday with recurring health problems, but not before leaving me his red wine. Thanks Charles, you can come again!!

As this is the Jawa Owners club, no one batted an eyelid when one member brought a bird with him for the weekend that we hadn’t met before, his chicken!! I Kid you not, this Chicken sits in a bag on the rider’s chest and calmly rides with him to anywhere the bird about town wants to go. A whole new take on the 70’s Chicken in a Basket. Older members will remember that.

On the Saturday a run out was organised, but you’ll have to get the write up on that from someone else. The bloke I was following in the convoy had a dying Jawa on his hands which eventually decided to give up all together when it saw Wiltshire Hills. Myself and Ian Bridge stopped to assist (I have spanners but its Ian who would know what to do with them!) However, the rider had RAC cover and was happy to wait for them.

By this time the group were long gone and I decided to go on a site seeing tour of the local villages and towns. Upon my return to the campsite, some Harley riders turned up and informed me that my old Harley (which has been nailed to my sidecar for 80,000 trouble free miles)   had the wrong exhaust on it and would fly a fire on the way home.

Then Dave Angel rolled up on a lovely looking Japanese V twin with Watsonian Sidecar attached and informed me that my sidecar was not attached properly and the sidecar would fall off. I was so glad I’d popped back to the site and met these people. As you can imagine, it cheered me greatly.

Anyway, Sunday Dawned nice and sunny and I set off to carve it up with Sunday drivers on my 4 and a half hour run home. Surprisingly, the 15 year old bike did not burst into flames and the sidecar remained attached. All in all my “lethal” outfit managed another 500 miles over the weekend with no problems whatsoever. Fingers crossed for the other rallies I plan to attend this year and the Holland trip in June. Enjoy the Pictures.


Steve Lucker. Kings Lynn.