Inspire 2019

By Roy and Chris

This is a ride-in to the International Bomber Command Centre, on Canwick Avenue in Lincoln. The Centre is not far from Sleaford and I rode in with other riders from the local scooter club.

Travelling up the A15 it was awash with two-wheel riders – looking in front and in your mirrors all you saw was bikes. Arriving at the Centre there were plenty of helpers to find you a parking place. Soon after I arrived John and Tracy said “hello” – this is the second time in two weeks that we have bumped into each other at the same events!! 

The Centre, which only opened at the end of January 2018, is well worth a visit; it provides a world-class facility to serve as a point for recognition and remembrance for Bomber Command. There are free guided tours of the grounds, the Memorial Spire and the Walls of Names. These tours are very interesting and informative, lasting about 40 minutes, and usually there are eight per day.

The only charges made by the Centre are for parking and for entry into the exhibition, which is well worth seeing. This event is organised by the Inspire Ride Team. The team was delighted with the response this year, as double the number of bikes turned up in comparison to last year.

Talking to some of the team members they told me that nearly 600 bikes had arrived today, and several carried passengers. Another thing they spotted was that more ladies rode their own machines there.

I spotted 4 outfits on display, plus loads of Can-ams.

The Centre was very busy, and you had to queue for the Hub café; there was also an extra catering outlet, and this was likewise busy.

Several classic vehicles were also on display. Period music was playing. The Lancaster bomber was due to fly over the Centre during the afternoon; unfortunately this was cancelled, but luckily a Dakota flew over instead.

This was impressive, and lots of photos were taken of it. The organising team was delighted with the amount of riders that turned up. It cost £10 per machine to join the ride. Of the money raised 70% goes to the Centre and the remaining 30% is split three ways for other charities that the team supports.

The Centre was absolutely heaving, and you must not forget that visitors were also arriving in their cars. A great event – well done to the organisers and I look forward to next year’s event. (As a point of interest, the height of the Memorial Spire is the same as the wing-span of a Lancaster Bomber.

The opening of the Spire is in a direct line with Lincoln Cathedral across the valley.) Please note the Centre is closed on Mondays, except for Bank Holidays