Ides of March Rally Day Ride


Saturday the 11th March l take a day ride very the “Tops” into West Yorkshire & Slaithwaite for the 53rd Ides of March Rally.

Also hoping to catch up with Martyn of Ely on his very newly put to gather outfit.

However in the pub car park l was spotted by Petter of The Kiwi Rider Bob.!!

Seems the this his Petter’s local he just lives just over yonder hill. Have you frequented the Rose & Crown yet Bob?

Petter & Martyn.

Next time to wonder in the car park & campsite and check out other outfits.

Yamaha & box.

BMW K & plattform.

This Moto Guzzi “Bobber” comes with its own “Armchair”


Chris & Anne Dnepr/BMW conversion was now on the road with its external car oil filter& oil pressure gauge fitted. With the return oil pipe connected via the oil pressure switch opening.

Waiting for his ride in a sidecar!!

Now time for a pub “light lunch” before leaving for home.

Martyn now going over the “Top” at Holme Moss Summit.

Many hands make light work!

Big thank you to Martyn the Fencer for the lift up, when Lad & Dad lost 2 x fence panels when Storm Doris hit the UK.

Bye for now. Petter,Martyn,Michael.

A few more pictures from the rally taken by Martyn