Harley Sportster 60th

60th Anniversary of the Harley Sportster at the ACE

After the fitting of a new chain and sprockets, the outfit was running as smooth as silk and we set off   “Dan Sarf “ to that there London to attend the 60th anniversary of the Harley Sportster.   We’ve got one of them, nailed to a Watsonian sidecar. The ride down was uneventful, I decided to go A10 all the way and avoid the motorway. No hold ups at all, gorgeous sunshine and the mighty metropolis was soon upon us. I’m not sure if someone’s played about with the traffic lights on the North circular, but we never seem to get held up for too long now when we nip down to the Ace. Thousands had turned up and we were unable to get the outfit into the Ace.

Our old outfit slung over the road as we couldn’t get near.

We parked with the overflow of bikes on the opposite side of the road.   So many bikes just kept coming and eventually they started parking on the walkways above the new (ish) North Circular.

We were unique, being the only 883 Harley with a sidecar. There were all the usual shiny bikes there but I was pleased to see that a few well used and well-loved bikes put in an appearance on the day. I took pictures but I’m not sure that many of you will be that interested as I don’t think Harleys are flavour of the month with Feddy types.

Steve. Kings Lynn.

The early Sportster, part of a display brought to the event by Warrs of London.

A stripey Harley.

Bikes everywhere.  You couldn’t get a fag paper between them.

Look at this Lovely little Gillera.

A smart Norton hiding up a corner.

I’m not sure if this scooter rider couldn’t get out or was very brave turning up to a hairy biker do.   He was the only one there.

How do you think this Harley handles on corners with those tyres? Twins.


Blinding paintwork.

A gorgeous hand change 1939 Harley with slightly less blinding paintwork.