Happy Chappy IV

by Roy and Chris

The Sleaford All-Knighters Scooter Club had a great day meet at The Barge and Bottle public house in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, where we held “Happy Chappy 4“. This event actually started on Saturday evening when the band, “Not Quite Geoff“, played a good selection of music.

Sunday morning was nice and warm and dry – always a good start to an outdoor event like this; however it was a little windy, and one rider told me that the fox tails on the scooters in front of him were blowing parallel to the road! Another rider said that he had trouble going above 45 mph. Mick, Donna and the staff at The Barge did their usual first class job and it was not long before the teas, coffees and bacon butties were being served.

There was a nice selection of scooter-related items for sale from the regular traders at our functions, and it was nice to see them again.

The club’s resident DJ, Dave Morris, kept a great selection of music going all day. Loads of individual scooters and clubs kept turning up; in total, at the last count, there were 120 scoots there. The “Happy Chappy” event is known internationally and it has a good following. It was nice to catch up with friends again that you do not see regularly. I spotted a very nice modern Vespa outfit, whose owner was very impressed with its performance;

He told me that it cruised nicely at 65 mph, and he felt that there was a fair amount of speed left in the engine. The sidecar is quite light and I feel that this helps with the performance. He has not owned this outfit very long and he wonders if he can get 100 miles from a tank of fuel. He said that he was going to ride it until it starts to run out just to see how far it will go. The tank on the scooter holds 9 litres; however, very wisely, he carries a spare can of fuel in the chair.

Not the only one!


Dave Brown again scrutineered the assembled scooters for which were best in the various classes. This is not an easy job to do, especially when there were some very nice models on display.

The “Happy Chappy” rideout started just after 1 pm. This is a ride through the town and out into the surrounding area and then back to The Barge, with Nicky, the “Happy Chappy“, leading the way on his mobility scooter for the final part of the rideout. It was nice to see him with all the scooters lined up behind him. The local car drivers were considerate as well. Nicky’s scooter has been upgraded since the last rideout – it has more ground clearance now and a faster motor has been fitted.

He was delighted when his scoot won an award for “Best Technical” at the Brayford Wharf meeting at Lincoln earlier in the year. One of the staff members from The Barge went on the rideout in the sidecar, and she returned with a huge grin on her face!!

Nicky was busy again when he got the task of presenting the awards for the various classes. He did very well giving these out.

The 50/50 raffle prize was drawn and the winner collected £100; this was nice for him, but there were some ribald comments from his friends sitting at the same table!!

Lastly, two signed Quadrophenia pictures were auctioned. Dave, the DJ, held the mike and did the calling, while Paul Franks held up each picture. Paul was surprised when his wife’s bid got the first picture. His face was an absolute sight when she went on to bid for the second one and got that as well!! However, all this is for a good cause; all the proceeds raised today went to a local charity for Downs’ Syndrome children

Well done and thanks to everyone who turned up and made this a great day, and a very special thanks to The Barge and Bottle who kindly sponsored the event.

I am looking forward to next year for “Happy Chappy 5”.