Glumbuster Titanic Tour

On fourth Tuesday in June l meet up with “Phil of Sunny Walkden” at the Methodist Church car park, Hebden Bridge for your Glumbuster Titanic Tour (Following in the tyre tracks of MZ RIDER BYNNZI )

After a few miles the beemer seems to have lost its 40 years of SPARKS?

Even the coat & tank come off! The problem seems to be the starter relay?

Now problem fixed and on Widdop Moor.

Phil found this ideal picnic spot with an EXTRA LONG bench with ref. UK GOV social distance rules.

Wallace Hartley memorial; Colne – Titanic Memorial.

Titanic 3D Re-Release Official Trailer #1 – Leonardo DiCaprio

Wellington Mk.III BK387, Oakworth, West Yorkshire – Peak

On the TRACK/CROSSING of the   KWVR – Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

My FORD MINDER goes forth to check the DEPTH!!

Also, this FORD is linked to The Knights Templar in Yorkshire

Now on the yonder side. It was a TRICKY CROSSING with a DEEP LIP on the CONCRETE RAMP!!!

The GUARDIAN NOME of the Knights Templar watching over the FORD proceeding!!

Will Phil come to swop his The Original Swiss Army Knife – Made In Switzerland‎  for a

Swiss Army-Issued 1974 Condor A350 – YouTube

Swiss Army-Issued 1974 Condor A350 – YouTube

Bye for now on the ROUTE DE BYNNZI.