Forest Glade 2019

by Roy and Chris

The Culm Vale Sidecar Club have held their rallies at the Forest Glade Camp Site for many years. This is a lovely site with good amenities, including a swimming pool, sauna, children’s play area, tennis court and a shop. We had had a good run for most of the way but just after the Michaelwood Services on the M5 we met plenty of traffic where it took us 3 hours to cover the next 50 miles. Chris and I arrived and went to book in when I met Len Salisbury walking away from the shop holding two dinners. It was nice to catch up with him and Helen again.

Once we had sorted out our tin tent I wandered up to large field where the rally was being held. It was nice to catch up with other rallyists, several of whom had also “enjoyed” the M5 experience. There were plenty of people there enjoying the evening’s social gathering. Luckily Saturday morning was dry and sunny. Dave Nash had organised a rideout later in the day to Pecorama at Beer. We had been on another rideout with Dave to Beer Caves a couple of years ago. Several outfits lined up for the rideout, and I managed to get a ride with John and his Triumph outfit – thanks John.

Before we moved off the campsite Dennis did a great job as a Mrs Mop cleaning the screens on some of the motorcycles, plus the screen of the sidecar that I was travelling in.

He did a real professional triple clean. Riding along the lanes we had to stop a couple of times for tractors – they were bigger than us; however it was a nice ride to the Pecorama display. We parked up at Pecorama which is a short walk away from Beer, which is a picturesque fishing village.

Pecorama has a light railway, a model railway exhibition, an indoor and outdoor play area plus an old railway carriage which is used as a restaurant, and a shop – so there was quite a lot to do and see.

Four of us decided to walk down to the seafront; a chap who worked at Pecorama got us a tourist map and marked up the short cuts that he takes when coming to work – he is a local and lives in the village. The village was busy with tourists, as you would expect at this time of year. John and I enjoyed a cream tea….

and later the four of us wandered back to the car park and headed off back to the campsite.

The club BBQ started about 5.30 pm, with plenty of burgers, hot dogs and salad, plus free cider and soft drinks.

There was plenty of spare food if you wanted another burger etc. This was followed by a choice of two cakes, and at the end Lee was shouting there was still some cake left that had to be eaten!!

This offer was enthusiastically taken up by some of the youngsters!!

The Long Distance Award went to Ken from Kent, and then a couple of birthdays were celebrated as was a 40th wedding anniversary.

Next on the agenda was the raffle, which was well supported. Martyn got the job of being “The Voice” and calling out the numbers – he is very good at this. Some won quite a few prizes.

There was a lot of good natured banter from the hopeful ticket holders.

Later everyone enjoyed a drink and a chat. We noticed some gliders flying from the local club, and some parachutists jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane – eleven jumped out in one group; 5 of them managed to form a small group and the others paired up, and some even managed the form a stack. We felt that this was much better than watching television!! Another parachutist later did a free fall from a plane and opened his parachute fairly close to the ground. Sunday morning was dry.

Considering the previous week’s heavy rainfall the rally had been lucky. I feel that it is always nice to pack up a dry tent. I wandered up to the campsite to say my goodbyes and found that some of the Culm Vale members were having a hearty breakfast of burgers etc. Well done to the club for another successful rally, and a huge thank you to the organisers and the barbeque chefs – you all did a wonderful job!! About 35 units turned up this year. It really is a lovely site in a woodland area – if you have not been here I think it is well worth a visit.

The Sidecar Trekking Team… 
I know what I would like to do with that camera………