Five wheels on my barrow


It’s come time to spend money on a new trailer! My very old one started life as a boat trailer and then l  turned it into a box tipper and now with serious metal fatigue detected ,it’s time to look for a replacement?

Possible choices are  if you want trailer for a sidecar click on this site.

However in the end l went for the FLATPACK trailer It comes with certain attributes like the unladen weight being only 65kg and comes with a box tipper for sand & gravel, plus numerous trailer accessories.

Time to roll with “Five wheels on my new barrow” and my first trip with this new trailer is to the local refuse site to re-cycle the old one!

Now l can start my “Civil Engineering Project” on my north/east fence, with the need to replace  nine new fence panels!

Five wheels on my  barrow becomes a FENCE PRIME MOVER.

It’s now a time of dismantling the old fence panels and transporting new ones and then painting them all with

seems like REAL WORK AGAIN! Perhaps time to implement “The Mars Bar Theory of Work, Rest & Play

So on my day of rest & play, l become a day rider traveling into deepest Rutland for a Ploughing Match and on my return journey in the village of Orston and outside the l notice an outfit parked.

4..Meridan Triumph fitted to

Looks a cosy pub for a coffee break. Also seems a horse friendly pub.

Nice to have a warm, with great coffee in the pub and chat with the sidecar owner who turns out to be an octogenarian gentleman.

8.The netting over the sidecar is for the passenger a


SUNDAY THE 11.11.2018 AD

My own thoughts return to the 1969 when l first joined the Ambulance Service and my patients from the WW1.

(A) Said he was a messenger/dispatch rider in the First World War and had lost or mislead over 12 motorcycles either blown up or sank into the field mud or just stolen!

For each motorcycle he was put on a charge for loss of Army equipment.

Red Horse, Ready Rider | The Rider’s Digest

(B) My next was “Gunner” with the horse artillery who had been trapped by his gun carriage after an explosion and had suffered “Crush Syndrome” and was still attending the Nottingham Skin Clinic for an ulcer on his limb after all those years.

(C) Said after 1918 he was sent to fight with the White Army against the Red Army at Archangle ,White Sea,Russia

Yes we did INVADE Russia in 1918-1920!

This Beacon will be light to night at 19.00pm and become part of the Beacons of Light. Then on my way home l stop at this restored memorial.

If you have a love of GARDENS please click on this.

Bye for now from Lea in Derbyshire.