Federation of Sidecar Clubs Annual Rally 2017

Voted “Best Outfit”

Federation of Sidecar Clubs Annual Rally 2017 pictures by Skippy, Shark and Legover.

The Flying Banana on it’s way to the rally.

Arriving on the Friday this year meant we were camped a little closer to the club house, this was because there was a last minute rugby match taking place on the Thursday which meant those arriving Thursday had to camp away from the match field. To be honest that is the main downside to Market Harborough having to camp all around the outside, oh, and the fact the gates have to be kept shut due to undesirables coming onto the field, although “Froggy Frank” was on the ball and spotted who were believed to be local travellers children wandering onto the site and one can guess they would have been up to no good as one would say.

The food in the club was once again good and great value, and the beer was spot on. Many did take advantage of the good weather, opting to sit outside most nights. The weather also helped with attendance with the numbers up from last year. In fact I would say the numbers this year where about the max the club house could cope with, we were lucky that the weather was so nice as it would have be a bit of a squeeze if everyone had to be in the club house.

Many walked in to the town over the weekend and good old Weatherspoons seemed to be a popular watering hole. The Saturday night disco had people dance and falling (literally) all over the place.

Sunday all the usual took place, with the Wheels team taking on the maintenance and Highway Code. I never for one minute thought we would find an outfit with toe-out, but we were proved wrong. Two outfits had a smidgen of toe-out, which with leading links probably not noticeable, but one had at least one inch of toe-out and confirmed by the abnormal tyre wear. The owner said, the MOT station he uses never checks the toe-in, sort of makes you wonder how much else is not checked.

One said that his MOT station never jacked his outfit off the ground, one has to ask, how do they check the bearings etc. On the subject of bearings, this proved to be the biggest issue on the day, several with play, mainly wheel, but also headstock and leading links etc. the good thing was most appeared to be happy that these faults were found and planned to get them sorted as soon as they got back home.

Overall we found nothing dangerous which is reassuring, but it highlighted the need for owners to make a point of taking an overall look when servicing their outfits and simply not just changing the oil and oil filter and thinking that will do until next time. 5 or 10 mins with a jack is better than an hour with a polishing cloth.

Monday morning  and yet again another dry pack up, sadly no breakfasts as the kitchen said on the previous evening, that not enough people were having breakfasts to make it worthwhile, luckily Lesley found this out  on the Sunday after speaking with one of the kitchen staff, so at least we had a heads up.


The awards ceremony took place as usual and rounded up what was overall a very good rally many thanks to all involved.

“Sharp Dressed Men”  ZZ Top they are not, more like “AA Bottom”

Silly games by London SC.

Ray took part in the Canterbury cup “The Fat Basking Lizards” , the driving test this year was provided by the Viking MC & SC Club. Ray with his other Fat Basking Lizards, Dickie and Adrian took first spot.

Overall Rally winner this year was John

Bob received an award for his 50th consecutive annual rally.

A very smart outfit put together by Wasp. Wasp Motorcycles

Motopodd, Three Wheels Better is sadly, Three Wheels no more.

Run out time.

There is a sidecar under there somewhere.

I am going to shove these balls $£ £^&£%  £&$£ I bet that will wipe the smile of their faces.


Pub Quiz Champions, Bill is still in a state of shock.

Still going strong “The Blue Max” with one of it’s previous owners in the background.