Fat Blokes on Tour

My Son Ben and myself recently managed to coordinate a few days off work together   and decided to throw a ton of camping gear, along with all the luxuries , into the combo,   with Ben following up on his plucky little Chinese Hanway 125 and take off to the seaside.   We live in Norfolk so a twiddly run to Beccles and Yarmouth isn’t much of a strain even for a Chinese 125.

Once camped up in Hemsby we set off to do typical tourist type stuff and I’m not going to bore you with the list and holiday snaps!!   We had read in Back Street Heroes magazine about a hidden gem of a place situated, of all places, on an industrial estate near Beccles that looks like the sort of tumble down shack found on route 66 that is perfect for bikers and decided to try and find it.     After much running about caused by the local councils appalling diversion we found it.

The Rednecks Wheelstop Diner. We were not disappointed. This place has character in abundance , tons of seating if you decide to organise a club run, pool table, bar (I had a double Jack Daniels with me breakfast !), outside seating, hard standing for solo bikes and a chef who can turn his hand to anything from Brit fry up to Thai and Japanese. Brilliant. On the first visit we both ordered the large breakfast, it arrived perfectly cooked on a plate the size of a bus steering wheel! I struggled with mine and had to have help from Ben to finish it off.

I was full until the next day, when I ordered the small breakfast. Even the small breakfast isn’t that small, so I would recommend you don’t order the large if you visit.

If you go in the summer and sit outside you get special issue health and safety wasp swatters delivered to your table when your meal arrives. Opposite the excellent Rednecks Wheelstop Diner is a large repair/restore/flog old school motorbike emporium with lots of interesting stuff to gawp at.

I stopped one character to take a picture of his rather rare Suzuki 380cc triple from the mid-70,s that had been in to the bike place for some expert repair and he was now riding it home. It sounded great.

One evening whilst out sightseeing, we happened upon a huge Mansion of a place called the Grange at Ormsby. A bike night was about to start. We were the first in. There were no other bikes there.   A band were setting up on the lawn and a tea stall turned up.

Then ten minutes later the bikes started to arrive, hundreds of them, like a swarm. Apparently on a good night they get up to 500 there. We saw everything from Trikes, combos (only 2), specials and classics including one ole boy of 86 years old who arrived on his MV AUGUSTA with no front brake and questionable lighting. He then immediately set about downing a pint or two before retailing us with stories of his garage full of Italian classics.

A fine summer evening just flashed by. The Bike night at the Grange Ormsby is on most Thursdays if you find yourself up that way anytime.

Steve and Ben Lucker. Kings Lynn.

In case anyone wants to visit. Its Rednecks wheel stop diner, College Lane, Worlingham, near Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 7SA.   Look for a tiny old industrial park.