Experience the Thrill of Nature

Its Saturday again, so time for the day rider to head up north again and at my first FLASK tea stop.

A friendly !.Siberian Husky called ZIGGY yearns for the SNOW OF SIBERIA! Perhaps l may find some on my ride? Read this before getting a husky

Yes l did found some SNOW in the Siberia of North Yorkshire!

Steve of Morecambe Bay with his 1972 Voskhod Jupiter 350cc & sidecar

Comes with comfy USSR seat (ideal for the Kiwi rider POSTERIORS!) plus the benefits of a enclose chain case.

Voskhod in Russian means SUNRISE.

Also starts first kick in these dire Artic conditions. The Voskhod was made by IZH and now which makes a very a SPECIAL ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE. AK-47 manufacturer Kalashnikov unveils electric motorcy… | Visordown…/ak-47-manufacturer-kalashnikov-unveils-electric-motorc…

The frozen hamlet of the MZ Riders.

This nifty MZ rider packs & brings his thick PRAY MAT along with him! Must be time to WARM up a bit!

Now In the cafe at How Stean Gorge Cafe | Home Cooked Food In A Unique Setting

l order coffee and a toasted tea cake and get this!

Must be a FOOT,THICK,WIDE tea cake! When DAD saw this photo he ask me did l bring it home to share with him. No DAD your SONNY LAD DEVOURED it in the cafe! You can even view long-lost works of art in the cafe Long-lost Nidderdale art work comes home after Ebay find ……/long-lost-nidderdale-art-work-comes-home-ebay

The only comments l could from the true locals was Baaa Humbug! So bye for now from the Herdwick Sheep Facts: What makes them unique? | herdysleep and the MZ Riders Team.