Ex-Pat Riders

These EX-PAT RIDERS just keep on BUZZING IN !

Yes these ex-pats riders just keep on swarming in to visit “Lad & Dad” and even one needed medical aid! Kiwi Bob was suffering from bee or wasp STING while riding which was in very delicate part of his anatomy. He was also on a mission to re-build a more comfortable bike seat?

You can never have enough FOAM!

The SEAT TESTER making slight adjustments for ergonomics!

Nearly right now?

Then Frank pops in on his way from the <>

Frank admires the height of my beanstalks or is it a mighty TRIFFID?

The Day Of The Triffids (1962) – YouTube

Monday time to take Frank a ride in my Ural/Mystic along a few lanes in Derbyshire.

Then TIMBER on the lane!

Rider & sidecar passenger now become part time Lumberjacks!

Monty Python- Lumberjack Song FULL on Vimeo

Ashleyhay – Alport Heights

Tuesday it was NINE WHEELS that are a wandering and we are joined by Steve of Sawley.

Time to eat.

Must mean us.

Splash time for another ex-pat rider.

Wednesday to Warwickshire for the Classic Bike Meeting.

Vincent with twin discs.

A Triumph that likes Inca Kola – Wikipedia

A future “Le Creuse Cruiser” ?

Bye for now from the Sidecar Wanderers.