Engine and Pushchair Cheswardine

Saturday the 1st July now in the border lands of Staffordshire & Shropshire at Cheswardine and it turned out to be a very pleasant village for the Engine and Pushchair Sidecar Rally.

With the sun shining time to take a stroll along the towpath of the Shropshire Union Canal

Just strolling along the tow path.

So keep strolling Michael and be “One Step Ahead Of The Devil!!

Along my ramble l come across other “Sidecar Strollers” however they seemed to be searching for some STANDING STONES?

Seems the SIDECAR DRUID SECT  are seeking the STONEHENGE of Cheswardine!!

Back at the rally site HQ, l notice this wall plaque?

So who is Yang Jing and what is pipa? So time for Chinese intrigue

Now time for the Day Rider to return home via Market Drayton. Heart of the Gingerbread However not before a visit to a local ford & well dressing.

Chatcull Brook Ford.

In the village of Croxton l stopped at the Well Dressing.

Remembering “The Emergency Services’” in these dire times.

Bye for now. Michael & the Druids.

So pictures from Martyn, of the Rally and some from RAF Cosford. The Bristol 188

Turned out to be a great aircraft as The Harrier.

Way ahead of it’s time, a great aircraft cancelled.

Having been to RAF Cosford a number of times I though I would look more closely at the follow, arguably the first cruise missile.

It just shows how close Germany at the time, was on the verge to be able to built possibly into mass production various radio controlled rockets and missiles.

Not rocket powered was the BSA, found lurking in a corner.

They are nothing alike apparently.

Eww, mine has a fuel gauge

and mine has a rev counter

nice underpants.

Dave calling the raffle.