Engine and Pushchair 10

It was a very pleasant ride to Cheswardine, first port of call was Slaters Brewery but, they had no bottled beers in stock apart from one! So it was off to find New Brew (aka Plan B brewing Co) a Dad and Lad and yes plenty of beer, just a shame I couldn’t stop as they had a couple of pumps set up. Anyhow, a dozen bottles were purchased and put in the top box.

I arrived on site about 10mins before Dave and Co, I was assisting the lady who had the keys, in the task of hunting for a hedgehog, don’t ask, it is a long story. Anyhow, tents up and sorted, then helped with all the normal stuff, tables and chairs, signs and mark off the field, and found time for a bite to eat and a beer.

With everything sorted it was time for a stroll along the Canal to the Wharf as our normal pub, the Fox and Hounds, wasn’t doing food. To be honest, the food at the Wharf was better. From there we walked to the Red Lion, this village community pub was home of the Lion’s Tale Brewery that has now ceased brewing however it does offer 3 regular cask ales and 1 guest ale as a replacement, which was none other than one from New Brew brewery Plan B Boscobel Bitter and it was a nice pint. From there back to the hall, for a chill out Thursday night and to consume some Big Hand Beers and, I think, (apart from Carolyn) most thought the Spectre probably edged it as the best one of the weekend. My tent was pitched in the hedge, simply so I could have a lay in before the sun hit my tent and made it too hot.

Yes, the weather was exceptional yet again. I can’t really think what I did Friday other than waltz around doing things and drinking beer and seeing all the arrivals.

I did have a quality lunch (Pot Noodle) meal of champions so when it was time for the Bratwursts I was in need of a couple.

Saturday and the main day was upon us, up for a couple of bacon rolls and get sorted to lead a walk group to visit a local individual collection of old farm implements, tools and just about everything else.

This lovely Grinnall was in the car park

The owner had opened up just for us and you could spend at least a couple of hours looking around due to how much was there.

But what did he make?

Of course, on the way back, we had to call into the Red Lion for mid-way refreshments. Everything went to plan, well just about, and at least I was back to help with the washing up. After the famous Hobgoblin stew, it was the big raffle, then prize giving and awards.

Raffle time
Paul’s quiz winners, at least they won’t be deported like some.
They nearly found all the Treasure.
Youngest Rallyist
La Fronk, longest distance.
Club turn out Tri- Anglia Wheels.
Best outfit winner Mark.

From then on it was a case of drink up the remaining beer. Sunday and it was pack up time, but only after a couple of bacon rolls, the tidying up and cleaning seemed to go like clockwork and with only a couple of campers left packing up on the field I said my goodbyes. Dave was hoping to have 40 units camping only just falling short at 38, I think, but it was the best camping turn out for the rally since it has been running.

Now some may giggle, some will not care, some will say it is up to the owner, but there is a cause for concern.
As you can see a couple of bits of 3 x 1 held on with a couple of cheap exhaust clamps,
in fact that angle bracket is to stop it dropping!
The owner seemed quite proud of his work, so why is there cause for concern for all of us sidecarrists.
Let me explain, the owner is towing a trailer down the motorway, trailer parts company (which it will do as that bodge is never going to hold it safely) from Outfit, careers across the lanes and hit an oncoming car killing all the occupants in the process, serius cause for concern. More worryingly, accident investigated, cause found to be this bodge, police consult with DVSA, DVSA and other bodies consult with government ministers, regulations put in place that only certified companies can fit tow bars or even more extreme (just need a minister who doesn’t like motorcycles) to put forward outfits banned from towing.
All mod cons
What no ball valve!