Easter Egg at Crow Edge

Easter Day ride to Crow Edge

For us poor olde Brits its turn out to be a glorious Easter with clear blue skies and highs of 25c. A photo for the SCOOTER BOYS with “Vespa John” along for the ride on the Strines border country of South Yorkshire Easter Saturday.

Vespa 300cc

Posh bag for his bits & bobs Vespa Club of Britain

Our destination the South Yorkshire Sidecar Easter Rally a Crow Edge and home to Hepworth Clay and Hepworth Terracotta with Wavin

The Mighty Triumph Three.

My kind of wigwam Gelert Navajo 4 Polycotton Tipi Tent › Tent and Awning Showcase Index › Gelert

For the “Classic Stove Lovers” The SYSC Stove & Spud Team in action with the COLEMAN 3 BURNER › Forums › Classic Stove Chat › Stove Forum

The SYSC Team relearning the science & mechanics of fuel stoves. Time to ride home again and seek out a local byway just round the corner from the rally site.

Crow Edge Byway.

Which RUT to follow?

If l get really RUTTED and stuck! l have my back up plan at the ready!. Jack/Nato spade/tow rope & Maasdam rope puller … stuck.html

Take me to “Your Leader” in this Landscape of the Wind Turbines! However all is very QUITE and STILL, just NO WIND! Royd Moor wind farm Windmill Coffee Shop – Cafe Near home again on Beely Moor l notice a wind sock for a temporary field landing airstrip? 

Wasp Paramotors, Chesterfield, UK – Titanium frame Paramotors with … not Wasp Sidecars! The tee shirt belongs to owner of Wasp Paramotors a gentleman from Spain now living in Chesterfield.

Just strap in on your back & fly away! Some of these motors are only 100cc two stroke engines made in Austria and you just REV them up to 9,000 revs and take off! Ideal to beat the Bank Holiday and no more traffic jams.

If you want some comfort like a seat & three wheels and a TS engine of 250cc.

Optional extras are a REAR VIEW MIRROW to spot if you have MIG fighter plane on your tail! Bye for now from the Beely Moor airstrip & a very Happy Easter.

Here are a few more pictures taken at the event by Lesley and Skippy

Still going strong
The only time the run was together, as just up the road at the fuel station everything went pear shape, and no, Len wasn’t leading the run!
The Chairman chair man
Nice big site but a wee bit exposed.
No matter how he tries he can’t hide behind his sidecar.
Lesley attends the Sheffield Easter Egg Run
Cameron and John, with the sidecars lined up behind.
Pets take part as well.
Lesley said she would like one and to think that she recons the seat on her CBR is hard.
A pair of Easter Bunnies and two blokes studying Lesley’s outfit.
Well done to all, £261.00 rasied for a jolly good cause.
Back on site later it was carrot peeling time.

Many thanks to the South Yorks team for looking after us so well and ordering all the sunshine, probably the warmest Easter Egg Rally we have attended.