Culm Vale Forest Glade

Forest Glade Camping Weekend by Skippy

Modern BMW powered, far more go and quieter than the old 2CV engine.

A very nice one off and some manufacturers should take note of the door for easy entry.

Paul and Martyn walked down to the pub via the Glider field and Launch Control.

It is a nice walk of about 2½ miles through woods and open fields.

I have not seen Rose Joints used for the bottom joint on a set of leading links.

It’s Dave’s Guzzi.

Another Guzzi.

And yet another Guzzi, many of these V Twins have been used as tugs for chairs.

The run out assembling in the shade.

A group of us went to the pub for a spot of lunch on the Saturday and we saw these ducks in trouble.

So why do we walk through a ford when there is a bridge, because its there and it has to be done.

The village of Broadhembury.     Julius Drewe purchased the inn, and half the village, at the turn of the 20th century.

Lord of the Manor.

Barbara receives her ( Feat of endurance award).

Geoff and Ann with their UK long distance award.

Geoff and Ann’s Outfit.

Overseas long distance.

CBR1000 Outfit.

Rounding the evening off around the bonfire after the barbeque, raffle and awards had taken place.

Thanks to the Culm Vale crew for organising another successful event.