Cossacks of Rutland

The 1st of September and the start of autumn (Indian summer) and still the SUN is shining on us poor old Brits! Even had to take some layers off on my day ride to find the “Cossacks of Rutland” and this could very difficult because you could say that  rural Rutland the smallest county in the UK is not the place to see the “Red Star Banner”  flying! high!

Time to seek out the “Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl” – Leonid Kharitonov

The Ural Retro Rider displaying contentment after helping to organise the

Fenman classic bike show 2018 – YouTube on August Bank Holiday Monday.

Tow bar to front & tow bar to rear!

When l was a LAD it was called scrambling.

Wasp Motorcycles – Page 2

8,9.350cc Jupiter  2 x stroke single/twin port exhaust system & comes with a sturdy chain guard.

Izh-a race into dead end – B-Cozz

No Bed & Breakfast or room at the Inn available this weekend in Rutland, all taken by the punters attending the

Home – The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials Official Site so Dave took to his TENT!

When l see the panniers on this Dnepr l think of the late Ken Craven.

Craven Saddlebags (Panniers) – Dean of BMW Motorcycle Web Sites!

Seems Cossack owners have taken to solar power.

The President of COC “Ural Byeway Outfit”

Now time to become a “Mystic Time Traveller Explorer” to the period of “The War of the Roses” & return to the Losecoat Battle site near the Great North Road A1and the 12th March 1470 AD Pickworth Church

The Battle of Losecoat Field – English Monarchs

Bye for now from Mikhail and the Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl.