Collage of Wanderings

In the first week of July from the Tuesday to the Thursday I join the Northern Section of the BMW Club at the “Gainfully Retired’ midweek camp at Llandovery,Wales. Just a great idea a midweek camp.

The “Gainfully Retired” Guys & Dolls don’t use that four letter word W_ R K anymore!

Local Welsh hero stands guards over the town.

A town with a cinema and a show once a month!

Looks like he’s wearing a STORMGUARD?  

The cattle drovers have long gone but now replaced by drovers riding motorcycles!


The first Sunday in July now in “sunny Walkden”,Manchester at the local Astley coal mine museum, classic bike meeting.

Astley Headstocks.

Metal homemade sidecar.

Time to follow my local guides over the Manchester to Liverpool main line railway!

You open & close these crossing gates manually! Welcome to “CHAT MOSS” and l start to get a deep sinking feeling!  

Now at the “Mancunian Red Indian Reservation” with its own TOTEM POLE !

Just follow the Y.B. ROAD to Barton Airfield .


Next stop Warrington and the

Now back on the rails again and this monument to first person killed by a train which was called the rocket! William Huskisson   Seems that our BILL was a MP at the time of the accident. A big thank you to my Walkden guides for this very Grand North West Tour.

Now the second Friday of July and we are in the Cumbria riding to Dent. Yes the MZ Riders are camping in Dent and “Charles of the Bundeswehr” his providing a field kitchen for the meeting.

Undercover dinning/tables/seating.

Charles like to BAKE.

The customs bonded warehouse.

Godliness is next to cleanliness at the field kitchen. The dining experience was just excellent. Saturday I took a ride to  On my way back to Dent l stop for lunch at Hurst Green, Clitheroe. 

Millies Cafe.

Bye for now from the Mystic Wanderer.