Cat and Fiddle Country

On the first Sunday in February l find myself outside the Cat & Fiddle pub on the Derbyshire/Cheshire border, however it’s still closed and with a notice to let.

Second highest pub in England.

Some fresh snow lying and will it be SNOW next weekend for the DRAGON RALLY?

My destination this weekend was to be Rough Hey Quarry with the and the mile long track into the quarry was very rough! So l was very surprised to find a catering trailer in quarry floor and happy because my Stanley Thermos Flask was not keeping its heat, yes must spend money on a new one.

Very pleased to get a hot cup of tea! Most of the riders are riding modern bikes, which l liken to “Pogo Sticks”

Can’t see the wood for the trees. Most modern trials bikes are two strokes, however a few four stokes are now being made again.

Beta 4T 300 Factory with its very compact engine.

Montesa Honda Cota 4 RT

For Triumph fans a 350 cc twin.


On leaving the quarry site l notice to my left a very large BIRD with FEATHERS.

The very rare “Cheshire Emu”!!! When l see an emu l think of the late Steve Cawthorn (Mr Purple) he was killed by an emu in Queensland. Australia.

Time to wander & find some GATES!

On this gated road only me, gates & EWES.

Bye for now for the Cat & Fiddle Country.  Michael.