By chance I came to a village of miracles

By chance I came to Ford Lane at Caunton in Notts. on my travels.

A very pleasant FORD in our UK  DROUGHT SEASON! 

I did made the crossing to the other side.

Did you lose your NUMBER PLATE in the last FLOOD?

A Brief History of Caunton | Caunton | Notts Places | Our .

Caunton a place of early FOOTBALL?

MIRACLES of the GROIN trauma? and of cause the odd FLOOD!

Another day & now out with Kiwi Bob for a ride.

New Zealand lifts all Covid restrictions, declaring the nation …

Seems Kiwi MIRACLES do happen.

I have found Bob a very NICE GRASSY TRACK!

Grasstrack Racing – YouTube (Lots of SIDECARS)


Bye for now.  

Captain Sir Thomas Moore’s Motorbike Discovered – ACU