Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground

Sunday the 11th February brings with it a biting North West wind via Greenland/Iceland plus showers of rain, sleet/snow & sunshine and a TASTE OF SALT in the mouth from all salt spreading on the M1!

.Junction 20 M1 Lutterworth.Sir Frank Whittle and the Jet Age.

Its about 5miles from Lutterworth to the Bruntingthorpe | Auto Solutions, Proving Ground & Events

The history of this airfield built in 1942 by RAF and used by Sir Frank Whittle to test his jet engine. Then in1954 saw the construction by the US Air Force of a Strategic Heavy Bomber Base for the Cold War era. In 1972 was used by the Rootes Group/Chrysler/Peugeot for vehicle testing track. Also in the past used by the BBC to film Top Gear.


Parc Ferme of the Cold War Jets Collection.

Remember to wrap up warm with all the planes are parked outside with no cosy cafe for a warming drink or shelter.

However l did find shelter in the Air Bus Skylink (Its British nickname THE FLYING SHED)


I like the TOW BAR on this Hadley Page Victor.

Accidental take-off of Victor Bob Prothero explains what happened …

Once a Buccaneer always a Buccaneer!

Blackburn Buccaneer The Full Story Documentary – YouTube

Now to seek out a true 1960s CAFE RACER!

The Lightning Preservation Group

Just real thrust Mach 2.

.English Electric Lighting

English Electric Lightning – YouTube

Bye for now from the proving ground.  Michael