BMW Sidecar Register or Dickie’s Dunkel

The BMW Sidecar Register Rally 2017

One thing not to do is go it the local pub look at all the beers and say Errm, as you will get a pint. New this year was Dickie’s Dunkel.

You could be forgiven when you see this lot and say Ermmm! Every single one brewed behind the pub. Dave and Carolyn you really need to do this rally you will love the beer, no bad beer just some better than others.

Reception and club tent Keith does a great job with Tea and Coffee plus homemade soup this year.

This year I headed off to the Lakeland Motor Museum . Roy told me about the museum some time ago when he and Chris visited, fantastic museum with a lot more bikes than you would expect.

Nice lay out, but those at the top are quite a long way away to take a good look at, and as for those in the picture below, no chance. Shame really, may be one day they will get them down.

The were several cut-away BSA engine, the apprentices must have been really busy

This SR400 was parked in the car park, nice bike, but simply overpriced when new.

Yep, even a Sinclair C5, with a few mods you could have a jet powered one

As you can see, the museum has a lot to see from a motorcycle prospective, add to this all the cars, vans and other vehicles and you have a loads to view and certainly worth the entrance fee. There is an excellent café on-site which can be used without going into the museum.

There is also and housed in a separate build, the Campbell Bluebird Exhibition.

Back at the Rally and this Rally with GS attached takes the best outfit award.

On the Saturday, May pole dancing, they marched them up to the top of the hill —

and they marched them down again.

I did buy some raffle tickets, well, you simply can’t say no when she is dressed in a onesie with a megaphone!

Some were Glamping for the weekend.

John and Tracy were in a brand new mobile home.

They weren’t the only ones.

Now you can never get lost in the woods, especially when you find Dick Turpin’s long lost brothers bench! If you would like to see Dick Turpin’s bench you will have to attend the Harmer Green Camping weekend in October, where you can be given a guided tour to the bench by torch light, by two experienced guides!