BMW Red Kite and Hardhurst

I attended the Red Kite Rally run by the Oxford Section, and guess what, there was loads of Red Kites.

We was in (what was) Morland country.

My pensioner drunk to many pints.

Getting ready for the run out.

A very nice K75

I very clean Banana.

We spotted this on the door of a pub, what is the game called?

It was a little wetter at Hardhurst for the Midland Section last in the year camping weekend.

Garden ornaments!

Did my pensioner get caught for speeding! Now now Paul, its 40 for a reason…..

It appears some GS owners are switching to the Tiger, lower seat height, quicker, cheaper, more reliable being just some of the reasons given why they have switched.

The newer model has a left hand full of gizmos.

Virtual riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!