Beware, The Ides of march

For last two weeks us poor old Brits have had a conveyer belt of storms, gales & rain coming across the POND on the “Jet Stream” with this weekend being given a “Amber Warning” by the Met Office Weather warnings guide – Met Office   My day ride started off in the DRY, however l was soon finding lots of fords along the way! (A616 to Holmfirth road)

Seems the Met Office have got it right this time! Sorry about the steaming on the photos, just very DIRE conditions! Now at Cop Hill and the Rose and Crown pub and it’s just been a very GRIM ride!

Seems ideal conditions for TRIKES !

 If you own a sidecar with a tonneau cover you are helping to SAVE WATER & THE PLANET for your next brew of 5000 Biscuit Domino Rally – YouTube Yes time for a cuppa & a biscuit! My pie, mash & veg gravy hit the right spot in the pub.

At this rally you a can be presented with a Roman artefact! Time to venture outside again, however no change it gone from worse to worser! In 2018 it was FiFTY SHADES OF WHITE Ides of March Rally 2018

Machines & tents standing up to the storm!

Vango Force 10 tent just ideal choice for the vile Ides of March!

Time to leave the Pennines. Crossing the Pennines Heritage Trail – the Milestone Society

Called in at SILVESTERMX.COM – Home Page Terry was great to watch at Scramble Championship (1964) – YouTube Next was my ascent of TOUR DE FRANCE STAGE 2 WOODHEAD PASS – YouTube

Bye for now from the Woodhead Pass.