Batman Returns

Click on the link to see     Bat Cycle number one

Sitting on Stonehenge, they might be giants!  No they are a great band  Birdhouse in your soul.

Pat and John ready for Thunder Storms but no Thunderstruck expect for the  Steve ‘n’ Seagulls

Some of the Outfits at the Engine and Pushchair number 9

FJ1200 and Charnwood Sport Best Outfit Award

Mark’s Outfit is currently “Arm less”

The prizes and awards

The winners of Paul’s quiz.  (Paul is still assembling his bike as part of the quiz was guess the part of my bike)

The Treasure Hunt winners.

Youngest Rallyist.

Best club turn-out. Tri-Anglia Wheels

Should be the “Feat of Endurance”

Best Outfit Award.