Allo Allo

It’s time to go OVERSEAS to France via Portsmouth to St Malo on the Mystic solo and also chance to catch up with Dave & Margaret in Brittany, France. Then a a 360 mile ride to Franks in central France and while at Franks it turned a little COOL at 42 c.! Sorry NO PHOTES of this trip seems the camera BATTERY could not function at 42c? Frank introduce me to the local CAFE culture on my visit at the Allo Allo Cafe Le Grand-Bourg for FISH & CHIPS Then the GAEILIC delights at the › … › Marsac, Limousin, France › Family Style Restaurant Also a choice of (Grand Choix De Whiskies) at the last count one hundred and thirty. Yes l was truly having a few Allo Allo moments!

Now the first weekend in August only been at home 3 days however the DAM could BURST at any moment? Whaley Bridge dam: More homes evacuated as storm threat looms … So an ideal time to attend a sidecar rally in the county of Somerset

The Allo Allo Ural now in Somerset.

Three WHEELS for “GUIDO” again?

The Grinnall can tow small caravans.

Time to take a stroll along the › Wellbeing by water › Our canal & river network

The sidecar canoeing section on the water.

A mural along the canal side & an ideal time for the “Sidecar Culture Team” to strike a pose for the ARTS in Taunton.

You can do it “Sir Mark of Orange”? Just a wee bit harder! Now returned to Cider Farm campsite after our 7 mile walk.

A sidecar Dog reward!

Nostalgia moment back to 50/60s with a BSA & Watsonian sidecar. Sunday morning time to say farewell & travel via the A38 to the north and turn right onto the A368 along the north Mendip Hills 

l notice “The Queen Adelaide’ so who was she?       For our SA readers Bye for now from the allo allo rider.

A few pics from Leg Over

There were plenty of these waking us up in the morning.

Pete’s Outfit
Oh my god Jan, that is a big one!
Just the right size to fit on the solo
Hang out your washing on the “Ural”
It’s Dippy the Dinosour
Stop it your are embarrassing me. 
Go on; go over there and put the Batman suit on!