Adam and Brugge

After the MCN weekend we decided at short notice to attend the ADAM rally held by the the weekend before the Brugge rally that we had already planned to do. This is organised by Rikki & Petier Nicolai. We rebooked our ferries and one good thing from Brexit was that we were able to get a refund on the cancelled ferry.

Pieter & Rikki’s outfit MotoGuzzi Breva & EZS Monroe

A chill out weekend ensued with about 20 outfits and a few campervans as they have the same issues as our Fed an ageing membership and few younger members. It was lovely to see Dick & Enika Ouihouse who used to run this event in the past.

A nice brace of pans

VX800 & EZS rally


with novel single sided Leading Links

Pan & Eml GT sidecar

A trip was made in to Zelham to see Dave Engbers and a look round the EZS site. He is getting a little bit short on storage space!

On each night a Bar-B-Que was available to use and socialise round. On Sunday Pieter & Rikki led a small run out to the town of Doesburg where a street brocante was in full swing.

Take notice of the before and after shot of the church as the retreating Germans blew the tower!!

Tracy & Rikki.

After the rally ended we stayed until Monday and moved on down to Ghent calling in at Arnhem on the way. A Bridge to Far.

The John Frost Bridge

We headed for a campsite just outside Ghent which included a ride round the infamous Antwerp ring road which was very busy as usual!! The campsite was very good with a modern shower/toilet block and also free use of cycles in the local area.

Tuesday we rode into Ghent on the outfit. Parking was fairly easy, the cobbles unforgiving!!

Beer shop above and in Graffiti Street below

Wednesday we took advantage of the free cycles and toured the local area seeing some of the beautiful scenery. We also came across and unmanned ferry where you powered yourself across the river.

Ferry across the river.

Coots feeding as they had just left the nest

And the frogs that serenaded us every night, and to quote one well known fed member who was heard to say one evening in France “Those bloody French frogs!” Well ours were Belgian but still as vocal. Then onto Bruges for the annual Ascension procession and the rally organised by the De Sietekaaristen Ut’t Brugsche As usual our hosts pulled out all the stops and there were over a hundred outfits. The site is a nice level sports field behind a college a 10 min walk into the centre of Bruges. As we arrived early Thursday we went into town with Mick & Sue and Al & Dawn to watch the procession and get a beer. We were soon joined by Richard, Helen and Mel and Ozzy as they had caught a different ferry.

They really go to town on the procession with it lasting several hours and using extraordinary amounts of locals and animals (note the camels)

Back on the field it was quite obvious there was a big English turn out this year with plenty from the Mayflower Club and the Federation as well. Thursday evening is a bit of a social gathering meeting up with old and new friends.

Ozzy taking it easy as usual!!

British knitting club.

A few of the tasty looking outfits on the field

Friday the club organised a run out around some of Belgium castles and historic houses with a drink stop half way. Approx. 80 outfits were on the run. The club is a well-oiled team to keep the convoy running, stopping traffic and with loads of outriders.

Getting ready for the run out.

A quick trip round the Chateau.

Refreshment stop

Time to look round. Friday night is party night with chicken and frites and a band which played a good selection of music. Saturday we decided to go into Bruges get a waffle

and seek out the Madonna of Bruges made more famous during the film Monuments Men

Sunday we all packed up and went our separate ways. We headed for the Hook of Holland to catch our ferry and others such as Frank headed south.

On another ferry the Maassluis to Rozenburg after a great ride up the Dutch coast

And the ferry back to Harwich    Bye for now; John and Tracy