Acorns Classic Scramble

May Day Bank Holiday Sunday l was in great need of a ride out and my destination was a classic scramble event.

The flyer for the scramble.

What you soon notice that most of the riders have abundance of GREY/BEARDS HAIR!

Norton Wasp rider. 


ESO Scramblers, ESO/Jawa Speedway & Ice Racing Motorcycles

Family of riders Dad (rider) & Lass (passenger)

For Suzuki Mick a ideal rear tyre choice for going to the Dragon in 2020 and no worries about then getting off a muddy/flooded rally field.

No unleaded for me! make mine a Buy Sunoco Methanol Racing Fuel

Not a very DIRTY INDIAN V TWIN but a very dirty Yamaha XV1000 TR1 engine.

To keep the inner tube/tyre on the RIM from SPINNING on the Yam V twin cut up old inner tubes and place them between the tube/rim for GRIP!

This Cheney Racing: Hand built vintage motocross bikes BSA Gold Star would look ideal over the my MANTELPIECE!

For our Swedish viewers.

Our GREY HAIRED sidecar competitors in action! On leaving the scramble course l take a L turn onto a byway

The tunnel/byway under the M6 motorway.

The byway runs parallel with the M6. It had been a very COOL day at this May Day Bank Holiday scramble (Met Office said coldest May Day weekend on record) So l was ready for a cosy warming COAL fire and l found this delight on the back road from Stone to Uttoxeter at a farm come pub.

The farmer/publican his called “Romping Robert”

By for now and ’Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’