A Watery Waterloo

It is now the third weekend of November and the RAIN just keeps on falling! 1.

A very watery graveyard at South Wingfield Church on the Friday at midday caused by the River Amber. Only a short journey of 22 miles before l have my tent up again for the weekend.

A very early morning sidecar rider arrived on Saturday from “Warwickshire” just for his BREAKFAST TREAT! › watch

Saturday morning campers. After a our pub breakfast we took the 442 BUS to Buxton operated by the We recommend this bus trip if you like RALLY DRIVING? Also, definitely fasten your bus safety belt for the very narrow roads, single track lanes & water splashes and living life on the EDGE OF YOUR BUS SEAT!

The 442 Bus Rally Team now in Buxton. You could say we are “Shaken, Not Stirred” after your 442 bus ride! › watch We enjoyed our walkabout of 7.

IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN TO THE PUB? Saturday night at the pub was the quiz & HOSC awards

Time for the “Watery Vinter Warmer Awards”

Voted best Hedingham outfit was this BMW R90/6 & Hedingham

Raymond Long Distance Award & Paul Oldest Camper Award. However the REAL STAR & LONG DISTANCE sidecar passenger of the weekend was BERTIE the › wiki › Dandie_Dinmont_Terrier

So a very big THANK YOU to THE TEAM of the for putting on this “Watery Vinter Warmer”

Sunday on my return home l come across “MZ Harry” on his way to a trials so l also travel along with him to this event and he mentions › lumsdale which l also visit to take a few photos.

Now comes the calm/quite of the catchment pond.

Bye for now with these few WATERY words.