2 metre Gatherings

On the last Thursday in July l find myself in  Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa  at a day meeting organised by the South Yorks Sidecar Club.

Great day for a ride. Also, in the area was these three wheelers?

 BRA Cars, home of the CX3, CV3 & Leighton 3-wheelers.

The next day it’s to the north east and the  Cleveland Hills – North York Moors National Park Our campsite was £4 a night with a HOT SHOWER on a very hot day.

The lady campsite owner on her quad & also had a JACK RUSSEL dog called TALIBAN!!

Must be happy hour again and well worth the VOYAGE to this place.

Time to soak up the VIEWS. Tomorrow l will take a stroll over that yonder hill.

A rider from ALBA arrives in the late evening.  A Bell On My Fender by Lloyd Wilson: Good Hardcover (1963 … This bell is vintage ex-police of that time.

Time for evening TEA. and then Sunset.

When we can TRAVEL AGAIN?? l would like to visit this museum in Russia.

History of military motorcycles. Gnome-Rhône AX II was the …

Saturday morning leaving on our amble.

Looking back towards our base camp. Now at the view point.

Now at our watering hole of – Lordstones Country Park – Book Glamping Now

On our return more PATINA rides into camp.

Sunday morning time to pack out bags again & head for home.

Ford come PADDLING POOL for the local kids at Hovingham

Hovingham Village Website

           Bye for now from the kids paddling pool.