1978 – 2018 Afternoon Ride

1978-2018 Afternoon Ride

It’s the last Saturday of July which sees me leaving home at 13.15pm in the afternoon riding north via the M1,M18 onto “The Great North Road “the A1 & in the distance l spotted a lone M/C rider with an ray of camping gear lashed on the bike and this could only be a MZ Rider.

The model was a MZ ES 250 however it was taking me a long while to catch up with this rider with the MZ now well over the legal speed limit! (My BMW re-counter showing way over 5,000 revs!)

When l do get close l notice its “Harry the 2-Stroke Tuner “ (Harry rides a Ariel Arrow trails bike in classic trails)

This MZ ES 250 sure got some SPECIAL GRUNT POWER and MZ Motorcycle Racing Two Stroke – Walter Kaaden – Ernst Degner … Yes Walter Kaaden would be very proud of our Harry.

In Pately Bridge Harry & l stop for fuel and said that he had just return home from The idea – burgundy-classic, isdt, burgundy, off-road pre 74, regolarita … riding his MZ 250 ISTD

One man & his DOG enjoying a “PICK ME UP” at the garage in PB.

The HAND is in the photo to stop the sign from FLAPPING in the WESTLY GALES that are battering the field party tent! Crown Hotel Middlesmoor:

My last visit to Middlesmoor was in early January this year and the SNOW & ICE was a YARD FOOT THICK WIDE! So these are very TAME conditions now.

Harry’s MZ ES 250 quite a “Schnelle Maschine”

My arrival was timed just right for the “Meet & Greet” chat in the very posh field party tent.

With a very fine selection of cheese’s crackers and vintage ports. Which was very welcome because in the last 12 hours the temperature had gone from 35-Hyperthermia to 18c-Hypothermia & also time to start pilling on layers of clothing again!

Mark becomes a DIENST.

Batten down the hatches the WET WEST wind doth blow again!

Time to emanate with the local SHEEP and find a stone wall for shelter from the storms.

Why not just lets RUST TOGETHER Man and Machine!

A breif sunny moment on the moor.

Some MZ Riders belong to the ”Bed & Breakfast Section” of the club.

1940s’s Weekend and now time for the “Evening Rider” to head for home.